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GMOs in Slovenia

In Slovenia, GMOs are located mainly in laboratories and also, to a smaller extent, in production facilities. Before the first use of GMOs in a laboratory, production facility or any other closed system (i.e. greenhouse), it is necessary to register this or apply for a permit for the use of a closed system for working with GMOs and / or working with GMOs in such a system at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

So far, there have not been field trials with GMOs in Slovenia. Anyone planning a field trial with GMOs must apply for a permit  for the implementation of such a trial at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning before the implementation.

In accordance with EU and Slovenian legislation it is allowed to cultivate those GMOs in Slovenia, which are approved for market production across the entire EU. However, GMO production in Slovenia has not been traced as of yet. Greater supervision of GMO production in Slovenia will be possible after the adoption of the Act on Co-existence of Genetically Modified Plants with Other Agricultural Plants.

In the EU, there are more GMOs approved for import and processing, which means that GMOs can be found in food, feed and products.