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Competent Authorities

Competencies in the area of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Slovenia are divided according to contents and intended use of GMOs. Irrespective of which competent authority makes the decisions, the key element in decisions regarding GMOs and their use is the evaluation of risk for the environment and people?s health.


Competencies of various authorities are determined by the horizontal Management of Genetically Modified Organisms Act (Official Gazette of the RS 23/2005 and 21/10).


Risk assessment


The key document of every registration of the use of GMOs and of the decision regarding the use of GMOs is the evaluation of risks for the environment and people?s health. This is a document in which we establish possible harmful effects of GMOs and the likelihood of an occurrence of harmful effects based on the characteristics of GMOs, the intended work with GMOs or the use of GMOs and of the environment potentially exposed to the GMOs. We also determine the risk level for the environment and people.


In Slovenia, the risk evaluation must be made by anyone using any sort of GMO for any sort of purpose. The competent authorities issuing licences for the use of GMOs assess by themselves or with the help of professional authorities the formed risk evaluation or make an independent risk evaluation.